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When Does Cherry Season Begin and End? | Import and Export of Fruits

Cherry Producers for Wholesalers

Cherry is quite unique as a fruit. Not only has it been used in many photoshootings, but it is also the fruit with which the spring season pinpoints its beginning. If you are a store or a supermarket owner then you may already know that cherries are very sensible and need to been taken good care of. Either you grow cherries, you are related to the packaging of cherries or you are a consumer of this fruit you will already know that there are many differences from one season to the other. Unfortunately, the cherry season is unpredictable and it may have a lot of differences price-wise, availability and taste.

What Do we Do as Suppliers?

At Fru.Eat we know very well and cherries are so sensitive when they are on the trees that a light storm or strong wind could ruin the whole years’ crops and produce in one single night. For this reason it is quite hard to make any predictions for the foreseeable future.

At Fru.Eat we already know how to take good care of the cherry crops so that we constantly have fresh cherries for you as an store owner.

Wholesale Cherry Supply

First, the majority of our wholesale cherry production comes from the prefecture of Pella, with the cherry trees extending up to 1,200 meters on Mount Vorras (Kaimaktsalan) in the North of Greece. Once harvested, the cherries are transported to the Fru.Eat’s factory and pre-cooled with a special hydro cooler, specifically destined for cherries.

Plus, the sorting of cherries is done manually. This is because the cherry fruit is very sensible, thus it can be injured by the use of mechanical means. Our concern as an fruit export company is to monitor the land on a permanent basis. This includes watering, thinning and pruning with the best experts in the field. In fact, this way assures that not only at the time of harvest the fruits will best deliver their quality, but also they will remain unaltered tastefully and qualitatively until they are delivered to each household in any country of sale.

Our Wholesale Cherry Customers

Leastly, many of our customers in the UK, Germany, Norway, Sweden and Italy trusts us every year for our high quality and speed delivery of the cherries. We are glad to have happy and returning customers in the cherry business for several years now.

If you would like to become our collaborator do not hesitate to contact us via Whatsapp Phone: +30 6948891780, +30 6988980150

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