The Red Globe Grapes


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Red Globe grapes belong to the seeded family grape. The rounded berries are large and round. Red Globe grapes may vary from light pink to dark red in colour. The eating experience of this kind of grapes is one of plump and crunchy fruit with great juice content. In fact, there is a good amount of sweetness that has quite low acids, but flavour is muted.

Red Globe is most popular grapes in the Middle East and Eastern Europe. While in China we know that the stronger the pink colour the better. This is the reason why we Fru.Eat’s network expands even in China, due to our high quality red globe grapes.

At Fru.Eat we are all about the freshness of the fruit itself. Indeed, our long-time experience in the fruit and vegetable industry has taught us many different ways keep the appropriate firmness and quality of the red globe grapes at their best. When picking the red globe grapes our employees at Fru.Eat or partners in other countries know when the fruit is fully ripe. These kinds of grapes are usually harvested from August till end of December.

Tip for the Consumer

Fru.Eat’s suggestion for the consumption of red globe grapes is quiet is simple and juicy. Store the fruit at room temperature, but do to put them in the refrigerator because they may loose their taste. This is because the cooling makes will result in tasteless red globe grapes. Enjoy the grapes when they are at room temperature and feel the refreshment of each bite.