The Pomegranate


We are fruit suppliers for wholesalers all around the world. Our quality maintains the best standards in the market. Plus, we have many loyal and long lasting partnerships all around the world due to our great quality, high standards and great communication with our partners. Join the Fru.Eat family, we are located in Greece, and start ordering your wholesale packaged pomegranate for your business. Contact us here.

The Pomegranate thrives better on soils that are Mediterranean, quite close to the sea, at times. As a tree pomegranates are resistant to frost up to -15°C, then blooms in the spring. Though, they are these fruits are highly sensitive, since birds aim to eat their juicy seeds as soon as they are ready. This is the reason why at Fru.Eat we know very well how to protect the pomegranates from any sort of animal or insect. This way, they are delivered to your store fresh and firm.

Fru.Eat is all about the freshness of the fruit. In fact, we do have several methods to keep the appropriate firmness and quality of each and every pomegranate at its best. When harvesting pomegranate fruit our employees at Fru.Eat know when the fruit is fully ripe. Indeed, their deep red in color cannot lie about their maturity time. A great time that we know in our family business is that you should begin picking pomegranates when the fruit makes a metallic sound when you tap it with your finger.

Of course, we should stress that not all fruits get the desired degree of maturity at the same time. Thus, it is appropriate not to harvest all the fruit of the tree in one collection.

Tip for the Consumer

Fru.Eat’s suggestion for the consumption of pomegranates is quiet easy. Store the fruit at room temperature, but do to put them in the refrigerator before they mature way too fast. This is because the cooling makes will result in tasteless pomegranates. However, if you do put them in the refrigerator, you should eat them within a few days otherwise they will start to lose their tastiness and juiciness. Also, if you don’t want to get red spots all over your house and clothes, you may want to crash the pomegranate within a plastic bag to get all the juicy seeds out and still have a spotless kitchen.

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