The Plum


We are fruit supplier for wholesalers all around the world. Our fruit export quality maintains the best standards in the market. Plus, we have many loyal and long lasting partnerships all around the world due to our great quality, high standards and great communication with our partners. Join the Fru.Eat family, we are located in Greece, and start ordering your wholesale packaged plums for your business. Contact us here.

Did you know that plums are fruit with the largest crop, right after the apples? Yes, indeed! Our work at Fru.Eat is to properly monitor the crop fields at a permanent basis in order to supply you with the best wholesale fruit and vegetables for your store. You should be aware that plums, at the time of harvest, yield the best of their quality. Once collected, the plum is transported to the factory’s packing area and sorted by size, variety and according the customer’s needs. This way, allows the plum to remain unaltered taste-wise and quality-wise.

The main cultivation areas of our tasty plums are Thessaly, Midland, Greek Macedonia and Thrace. Among the various varieties marketed by our company we supply you with the so called Black Star, Black Diamond, Angeleno and several other plum varieties.

Plums are particularly nutritious because they are rich in vitamin C and A, calcium, cellulose and magnesium. As said, plums are rich in vitamin C in a plum which provide certain health benefits. According to studies, vitamin C is an important vitamin that is responsible for repairing cells, supporting the immune system, and slowing down the aging process. Plums also contain antioxidants that may help prevent cell damage that may lead to several diseases.

Tip for the Consumer

The consumer can keep the plums in a refrigerator for up to 10 days. We can’t stress this enough, but for maximum flavour, before consuming the plum, wash them thoroughly and leave them to dry for 15 minutes to acquire the room temperature.