The Pineapple


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Pineapple is famous for its antioxidant benefits and its enzymes can easily help the digestive system of the body. In the Mediterranean countries it is quite popular to eat this fruit at Christmas for good luck, but also for digestion after the big dinners.

How do our partners harvest pineapples?

Well, to start with something that is not widely known is that pineapples do not grow in palm trees. They are actually growing really close to the ground. Our partners take good care of their pineapple fields. They harvest the pineapple simply by cutting it from the plant with a sharp knife and place it carefully in crates. 

How do we store pineapples?

When we receive our import of pineapples, we store them in cooling chambers at the appropriate temperatures. The optimum storage condition is with temperatures of 7 to 12°C for 14 to 20 days. A plus, is to have the correct humidity of 85 to 95%. This is because a high humidity helps reduce any water loss from the pineapple.

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