The Peach


We are fruit suppliers for wholesalers all around the world. Our fruit export quality maintains the best standards in the market. Plus, we have many loyal and long lasting partnerships all around the world due to our great quality, high standards and great communication with our partners. Join the Fru.Eat family, we are located in Greece, and start ordering your wholesale packaged peaches for your business. Contact us here.

The majority of our fresh wholesale peaches come from the prefectures of Pella and Imathia in the Northern part of Greece.

Indeed, the fruit harvest begins in May and ends in late September depending on the variety of the peach. Consequently, the basic criterion to harvest a peach variety is the degree of ripening of the fruit. Thus, the fruit is considered ready for harvest when it has the appropriate size, color and aroma of its variety.

Moreover, at Fru.Eat, harvesting is done manually. Indeed, each peach is provided with special care to avoid potential falls, bruises and bad handling of the crop.

Specifically, peaches are the fruits of the summer. Indeed, they are packed with nutrients and antioxidants and are rich in vitamins, minerals, and beneficial plant compounds. Just like apricots, peaches may aid the digestive system and protect your skin.

Tip for the Consumer

Store peaches at room temperature and do not to refrigerate before ripening. This is because cooling makes them tasteless. However, if you put them in the refrigerator, eat them within a few days otherwise they will start to lose their taste.

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