The Conference Pears


We are fruit suppliers for wholesalers all around the world. Our quality maintains the best standards in the market. Plus, we have many loyal and long lasting partnerships all around the world due to our great quality, high standards and great communication with our partners. Join the Fru.Eat family, we are located in Greece, and start ordering your wholesale packaged conference pears for your business. Contact us here.

Conference pears are a very popular fruit of the nordic countries. For this reason we supply at a wholesale level many countries of Scandinavia with conference pears.

How do our partners harvest and handle Conference pears?

Fru.Eat partners of import harvest conference pears when they are mature but still hard. This allows the consumer to then ripen the pears at room temperature for the juicier quality of the fruit.

How do we store conference pears?

After the import of the conference pears, we use cooling, dark chambers to help keep the best quality of the fruit. We usually store this sort of fruits for 1 to 2 months.

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