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We are fruit supplier for wholesalers all around the world. Our fruit export quality maintains the best standards in the market. Plus, we have many loyal and long lasting partnerships all around the world due to our great quality, high standards and great communication with our partners. Join the Fru.Eat family, we are located in Greece, and start ordering your wholesale packaged cherries for your business. Contact us here.

At Fru.Eat, we are proud cherry suppliers at the best wholesale prices of the market all around the world. In fact, the majority of our wholesale cherry production comes from the prefecture of Pella. Indeed,  the cherry trees extend up to 1,200 meters on Mount Vorras (Kaimaktsalan) in the North of Greece. Then, once harvested, the cherries are transported to the Fru.Eat’s factory. After that cherries are pre-cooled with a special hydro cooler, specifically destined for cherries.

Additionally, you should know that we do the sorting of cherries manually. This is because the cherry fruit is very sensible. Thus, it can be injured by the use of mechanical means. Indeed, our concern as a fruit export company is to monitor the land on a permanent basis. Of course, this includes watering, thinning and pruning with the best experts in the field. In this way, we assure that at the time of harvest the fruits will best deliver their quality. Moreover, we also assure that they will remain unaltered tastefully and qualitatively until they are delivered to each household in any country of sale.

For instance, some of our varieties of cherries include Gordia, Ferrovia, Regina and several others.

You can order big quantities of cherries at wholesale prices for your country. All you need to do is contact us via WhatsApp or email here. We supply you with the best quality cherries for your store!

To conclude, cherries contain high antioxidant content that may help combat oxidative stress. Truly, this is a condition that is connected to multiple chronic diseases and premature aging. Indeed, an interesting fact about cherry juice is that it may accelerate muscle recovery, decrease muscle pain, and prevent strength loss.

Tip for the Consumer

The consumer shpuld remember to put these tasty cherries outside the refrigerator without washing them. If they wash them in advance moisture accelerates their decay. Though, it is best to wash thoroughly when it’s time to consume them.

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