The Apple


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Τhe apple tree is a tree mainly thriving in cold and wet areas. It requires a cool summer and can withstand very low temperatures, which are necessary to stop the leakage of her eyes and the cool summer for the production of high quality apples.

The excellent average temperature is during July and August from 20 to 2°C.

The apple tree prefers fertile soil that is deep, well drained and rich in calcium content. The best quality of apples can be produced in lowland areas with intense agricultural practises. Even better, the apple tree can thrive in semi-mountainous or mountainous areas due to a more favourable climate.

Basically, apples should always be harvested and handled with caution. Our employees carefully pick and place the apples in crates.

An apple is ripe for harvesting only when you can easily pull it, meaning, when its stalk is twisted easily by the tree. After the harvest, at Fru.Eat we keep the apples in a cool, dark place with abundant moisture in order to deliver your wholesale order fresh and juicy.

In Greece we have many varieties of apples. Some of which are the Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, Super Chief, Scarlet, Jeromin, Mestar, Gala, Fugi and Granny Smith.

Apples are very nutritious and a great way to achieve weight loss. Moreover, studies have found that apples may be very beneficial for your heart and are linked to a lower risk of diabetes.
Also, apples may have probiotic effects and promote good bacteria for the intestine.

Tip for the Consumer

According to studies, you should eat an apple during the morning hours. This is because apples are rich in dietary fiber, which is found in its peel. There are many people that have digestive problems due to improper sleep. Thus eating apples right in the mornings a great idea to start your day.